IFS Parts Work

Exploring your Inner World

Internal Family Systems ~ Self Therapy ~ Parts Work

Welcome to the Internal Family Systems master class in the Strengthening Your Conscious Self program.

The masterclass, courses, lessons, and acivities presented on this website are educational and instructional. They should never be used as a substitute for adequate professional mental health care. Please seek help if you are a victim of self harming behaviors, are having thoughts of harming yourself or having thoughts about ending your life.

Integrating transformative elements from highly regarded therapeutic approaches, the course draws upon key insights from:

  • “No Bad Parts” by Richard Schwartz 
  • “Introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy” by Richard Schwartz
  • “Self-Therapy” by Jay Earley
  • “Parts Work” by Tom Holmes
  • “Self-Therapy Workbook” by Bonnie Weiss
  • “Internal Family Systems Therapy Skills Training Manual” by Anderson, Schwartz, Sweezey
  • “The Others Within Us” by Robert Falconer

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, you will:

  • have a thorough and detailed knowledge of the concepts, assumptions, and primary approaches to the Internal Family Systems model
  • have a practical working knowledge of the skills gained from Self-Therapy, Parts Work, and Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • know how to apply the steps of working with your parts to transform your conscious inner world so you can regulate emotions, tolerate distress, solve problems, and practice radical acceptance
  • know how to relate to people and maintain healthy relationships, improve your relationship skills, and find satisfaction in your work, play, leisure, and relationships


Please take your time, especially if you struggle with neurological executive functions (concentration, attention, focus, memory, planning, implementing, problem solving) and dysfunction (interruptions, irritability, anxiety, procrastination, distraction, dissociation). I have done as much as I can to make this website as accessible and easy to navigate as possible, to avoid over-stimulating people and overwhelming their senses. Click on a link in the table of contents to open the masterclass module.

The links appearing here in the table of contents will open a page to the learning module. Each module will consist of course lessons and exercises. For best results, please complete the modules in order.