11. Keeping Sessions on Track

Self Therapy: Jay Earley (Chapter 9)

  • [Lesson] Chapter 9 Introduction
  • [Lesson] Detecting Parts That Arise
  • [Lesson] Detecting Judgmental Parts
  • [Lesson] Detecting Avoiders
  • [Lesson] Detecting Intellectualizers
  • [Lesson] Detecting Impatient Parts
  • [Lesson] Detecting Inadequate Parts
  • [Lesson] Detecting Skeptics
  • [Lesson] Parts Detection
  • [Lesson] Detecting Exiles
  • [Lesson] Dissociation
  • [Lesson] Addictive Behavior
  • [Lesson] Keeping Track of Your Thread
  • [Lesson] Changing Target Parts
  • [Lesson] How to Tell One Part from Another
  • [Lesson] Dealing with Overwhelm
  • [Lesson] Acknowledging All Parts
  • [Lesson] Continuing work in a Subsequent Session
  • [Lesson] Triggered Parts

Self Therapy Workbook: Bonnie Weiss (Chapters 9 & 10)

  • [Meditation] 31838 From Inner Critic to Inner Coach Meditation (Audio)
  • [Lesson] When a Protector Doesn’t Trust You
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) When a Protector Doesn’t Trust You
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) Detecting a Part That Has Taken Over

Self Reflection & Working With a Therapist

  • [Reflection] Self Reflection Journaling Exercises – Concerns/Comments/Response/Goals
  • [Session] Review of Section (Therapy session processing of homework)