Professional Disclosure

About Me

My name is James Fitzgerald, MS. I’m a licensed clinical mental health counselor, pre-licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor, a nationally certified counselor, and certified health and wellness life coach. Please take a moment to review my public disclosure to learn about my education, training, credentials, and experience. I am a nutrition and fitness planning coach, neurodivergent allied ADHD coach, interpersonal effectiveness relationship coach, and executive business coach, with specialized training in:

I live in the new north end of the scenic city of Burlington, Vermont, on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain. I wish to embody and project a holistic blend of expertise, passion, and purpose. As a licensed clinical mental health counselor, addiction and substance use counselor, and nationally certified counselor, my hope is to bring a unique blend of professional knowledge and skills to the health and wellness coaching realm. Beyond a professional acumen, my passion for reading, writing, music, arts, and holistic practices like strength training, yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition planning enrich my coaching methodology. Deeply inspired by the teachings of Buddhism, my spiritual insight adds another profound layer to my coaching and counseling approach, rooted in mindfulness and conscious self-awareness.

Philosophical Foundation

I tend to view health and wellness through a moderate, centralist, federalist, democratic, free market, equitable, inclusive, and socialist theory lens, believing in the inherent right of every individual to access resources and guidance to achieve optimal well-being and financial security. My somewhat progressive (not extreme) perspective emphasizes the collective good, ensuring that my counseling and coaching is both inclusive and accessible. Rooted in values of democracy, equity, and shared responsibility, I am committed to creating an environment where every individual feels safe, seen, heard, understood, and empowered.

Professional Journey

My journey into the world of counseling, psychotherapy, philosophy, sociology, and health & wellness life coaching was neither accidental nor sudden. It was the culmination of many years of academic rigor, extensive professional experience, and my personal life journey of addiction, mental health disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, mental health and addiction recovery, introspection, healing, growth, self-discovery, and self-actualization. From understanding the complexities of mental health and addiction to my dedication to advocacy and activism, my career has been marked by a commitment to creating a positive change in the lives of others.

My unique and holistic health and wellness coaching program, “Strengthening Your Conscious Self,” reflects my belief in the power of conscious awareness (capacity and insight) as the foundation of personal transformation. By integrating evidence-based practices with spiritual insights, I can offer a comprehensive approach that addresses not just physical health, but also emotional, mental, social, spiritual, cultural, and environmental wellness.

Future Endeavors

I am a person with vision, purpose, and mission. I am currently in the process of writing two books: one, an imaginative exploration into a world where an advanced AI civilization discovers the extinct human race; and the other, a detailed guide of my health and wellness program, with the aim to make my knowledge and expertise accessible to a wider audience.

Moreover, I aspire to bring the transformative experience of holistic and spiritual therapy and coaching to a retreat setting. Envisioned in serene tropical locales like Costa Rica, these retreats will be sanctuaries of inner exploration, growth, cleansing, healing, self-discovery, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

My Commitment to You:

Above all, I am deeply committed to my clients. I approach each client relationship with empathy, compassion, calm presence, patience, curiosity, understanding, and tolerance, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment. By fostering a genuine connection, I seek to empower individuals to harness their inner strength, embrace self-awareness, and embark on a fulfilling journey towards holistic well-being.


College of St. Joseph, Rutland, Vermont (Undergraduate)

June 2017: Bachelor of Art in Psychology. (Cum Laude)

Courses of Study

Spring Semester 2013: Health Science; Philosophy; English; Business & Consumer Mathematics

Fall Semester 2013: Introduction to Statistics; Introduction to Psychology; Introduction to Sociology; Literature

Spring Semester 2014: Public Speaking; Seminar in Effective Living; Effective Writing; Research Methods; Principles of Learning; Human Development

Fall 2014: Writing for the Web; Website Development; Trauma & Grief; Forensic Science

Spring 2015: PTSD Survey; Foundations of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling; Drugs and Society; Art Appreciation; Abnormal Psychology

Summer 2015: Ethics in Psychology; Statistics & Probabilities; Physical Fitness Training

Fall 2015: Theories of Counseling; Moral Issues; Cosmic Horror (Arts & Entertainment); Field Experience (Rutland Mental Health Services); Neuroscience

Spring 2016: Religion and Society; Crime in the Media; Introduction to Human Services; Health Psychology

Fall 2016: Research Methods; Organizational Psychology; Introduction to Criminal Justice; Culture and Community; History of Psychology 

Provider Scholarship

As a scholarship fund recipient I was required to complete community service hours to give back to my community. I helped with events such as: the annual Easter Egg Hunt; the annual trick or treating Halloween event; fundraising for Dismas House; Bingo with residents at the Bardwell House; and I organized a public screening of “The Anonymous People.”

University of Vermont

College of Social Services & Education. Burlington, VT (Graduate)

August 2020: Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

(CACREP Accredited Program) Courses of Study

Fall 2018: Human Development; Ethics; Counseling Theory; Lab Experience

Spring 2019: Diagnosis in Counseling; Practice of Mental Health Counseling; Counseling Practicum; Diversity Issues; Group Counseling

Summer 2019: Psychopharmacology; Research Methods

Fall 2019: Child & Adolescent Counseling; Family & Couples Counseling; Advanced Group Counseling; Internship (Central VT Substance Abuse Services)

Spring 2020: Assessment in Counseling; Addictions Counseling; Career Counseling; Internship (Central VT Substance Abuse Services)

Summer 2020: Trauma Informed CBT for Veterans; Postpartum/Perinatal Mental Health; Internship (Central VT Substance Abuse Services)

Work Experience 

 James Fitzgerald Therapy, PLLC (Private Practice)

May 2023 – present:

Master’s of Science, National Certified Counselor, Addiction Subspecialty, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

James Fitzgerald Therapy, PLLC (Private Practice)

July 2021 – May 2023:

(Pre-Licensed) Master’s Level, National Certified Counselor, Apprentice Addiction Professional, VT Roster of Psychotherapists

Baymark Health Services (BAART Programs)

August 2020 – June 2021

(BAART Programs) Master’s Level, MAT Counselor, Apprentice Addiction Professional

University of Vermont Medical Center

September 2017 – December 2020

(Inpatient Psychiatry) Master’s Level, Mental Health Technician, CPR/AED Certification, MOAB & ProAct Certified

Central Vermont Substance Abuse Services

August 2019 – August 2020: 

(One Year Internship) Bachelor’s Level, Intensive Outpatient Program – Group Clinician, Adult Outpatient Program Clinician

Rutland Mental Health Services

(Community Care Network Family Assistance Grant) ARIS Administrator

June – September 2017

Life Skills Support Worker for an Adult on the Autism Spectrum

Rutland Mental Health Services

(Maplewod Residential Program) (Crisis Stabilization Inpatient Diversion Program)

September 2015 – June 2017

Crisis Support Specialist, Residential Recovery Specialist, Site Safety Coordinator, Group Facilitator 

Rutland Mental Health Services

(Maplewod Residential Program) (Crisis Stabilization Inpatient Diversion Program)

September 2014 – September 2015 

Peer Support Services & Community Programs Coordinator 

Vermont Psychiatric Survivors – Outreach Program

June 2013 – March 2015

Peer Support Specialist, Recovery Coach, Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator, Intentional Peer Support Certified

Turning Point Center for Rutland County – Volunteer

September 2012 – June 2013

Support Staff, Group Facilitator, Meeting Chairperson, Front Desk Staff

Training: Certificates

February 2023: Sleep: An Overview (Online Course) (CE4Less)

Instructor: Jassin M. Jouria, MD

NBCC ACEP Number 6991. CEU: 1 Clock Hours (Online); Test Completed: 2/4/2023; Score 100%; Program Created: 2017 (Course Completed)

February 2023: Self Study Course | Counseling Theories – Addiction and Clinical Mental Health Counseling

(Certificate) (Online Course) (All CEUs – Counselor’s Toolbox Podcast)

Instructor: Dr. Dawn Elise-Snipes, PhD. LPC-MHSP. 

CEU: 2 Hours (Online); Test Passed 2/4/2023; Certificate Course Completed

January 2023: Self Study Course | Health Coaching – Comprehensive Case Management

(Certificate) (Online Course) (All CEUs – Case Manager’s Toolbox Podcast)

Instructor: Dr. Dawn Elise-Snipes, PhD. LPC-MHSP. 

CEU: 2 Hours (Online); Test Passed 1/30/2023; Certificate Course Completed

January 2023: Self Study Course | 3-Day Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certification Training

(Certificate) (Online Course) (PESI) (Evergreen Certification Pending)

Instructor: Lane Pederson, PsyD, LP, DBTC

CEU: 20 Hours (Online); Test Passed 1/13/2023; Original Program Date (11/15/2022) Completed

January 2023: Self Study Course | A Clinician’s Guide to Teaching Mindfulness

(Certificate) (Online Course) (All CEUs – Counselor’s Toolbox)

Instructor: Dr. Dawn Elise-Snipes, PhD. LPC-MHSP. Based on:  A Clinician’s Guide to Mindfulness by Christiane Wolf, MD and J. Greg Serpa, PhD

CEU: 12 Hours (Online); Test Passed 1/15/2023; Course Completed (Book still being used as a reference in practice)

January 2023: Self Study Course | IFS and Polyvagal Theory: Healing through Compassionate Connection

(Certificate) (Digital Seminar) (PESI)

Instructor: Alexia (Lexi) D. Rothman, Ph.D.

CEU: 2 Hours (Online); Test Passed 1/17/2023; Original Program Date (February 2, 2022); Completed

January 2023: Self Study Course | Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction | Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

(Certificate) (Online Course) (Udemy)

Instructor: Stan Cerulus

Accredited Program: 17.5 Hours (Online Videos/Webinar/Classroom); Course Completed 1/23/2023

January 2023: Self Study Course | Professional Life Coach Certification

(Certificate) (Online Course) (Udemy)

Instructors: Joeel & Natalie Rivera, Transformation Academy Services

Accredited Program: 13 Hours (Online Videos/Webinar/Classroom); Course Completed 1/23/2023

May 2021: Internal Family Systems Step by Step: IFS for Deep Healing with Richard Schwartz (Online Course) (PESI)

Instructor: Richard Schwartz, PhD, The Center for Self Leadership

CEU: 7.5 Hours (Online); Test Completed: 05/11/2021; Original Program Date: 7/12/2016 (Course Completed)

November 2022: Human Sexuality: Across the Lifespan (Online Course) (CE4Less)

Instructor: Jessie Simmons, LCSW

NBCC ACEP Number 6991. CEU: 3 Clock Hours (Online); Test Completed: 11/23/2022; Score 100%; Original Program Date: 2022 (Course Completed)

November 2022: Clinical Applications of Internal Family Systems (IFS) 2 Day Advanced Workshop (Online Course) (PESI)

Instructor: Frank Anderson, MD

CEU: 11.75 Clock Hours (Online); Test Completed: 11/23/2022; Original Program Date: 03/12/2020 (Course Completed)

July 2020: Cognitive Behavior Therapy Techniques for Everyday Practice (PESI)

Instructor:  John Ludgate, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist Psychotherapist

CEU: 6.25 Hours (Online); Test Completed 07/19/2020 01:26 AM CST; Original Program Date 07/26/2016

July 2020: Advanced Practical Clinical Skills for the Trauma-Informed Therapist (PESI)

Instructor: Julie M. Rosenzweig, Ph.D., LCSW

CEU: 6.25 Hours (Online); Test Completed 07/12/2020 10:43 PM CST; Original Program Date 03/21/2017

April 2020: Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals (PESI)

Instructor: Joni Gilbertson, MA, NCC, LCPC, LMHC, BC­TMH, CTMH

CEU: 12.5 Hours (Online); Test Completed 04/08/2020 – 10:46 AM CST; Original Program Date 02/20/2020

September 2013: Wellness Recovery Action Plan Group Facilitator (Vermont Recovery Network)

Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery

Instructors: Karen Lorentzon, Jane Winterling

Turning Point Center, Rutland, VT, September 2013

June 2013: Intentional Peer Support (Vermont Psychiatric Survivors)

Shery Meade

Instructor: Chris Hanson

Capitol Hotel, Montpelier, VT, June 2013 

Professional Credentials & Association Memberships

VT Secretary of State, Office of Professional Regulation

Board of Allied Mental Health Professionals

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (License # 068.0135266)

American Counseling Association (Member # 6526860)

National Board of Certified Counselors (National Certified Counselor)