Services and Subscriptions

All three options include full access to a client account portal and the client engagement exercises, lessons, and psychoeducational courses. Coaching and Therapy clients do not need to register for a subscription. Subscription members will need to meet with a coach for at least one full planning and orientation session.

For subscribers who wish to complete the program and courses independently without a coach or therapist.
For clients who wish to meet with a coach for individual educational, wellness planning, coaching, and accountability sessions.
For clients with or without insurance who meet the medical necessity for therapy and treatment of a diagnosed mental health disorder.

Guided Work

Work with a life coach or therapist in one on one sessions, while using a client account portal, to complete courses and lessons, and practice between sessions. The cost of therapy per session is $120.00, and the cost of coaching per session is $140.00. You will be required to sign a terms and conditions of use agreement.

Self Guided Work

When you register for a $19.95 per month subscription, you gain access to my client account portal. The content in the client account portal will be assigned on a weekly or monthly basis. You can complete the courses and lessons on your own, and practice the exercises at your own pace. You will have access to additional documents, handouts, and worksheets. You will be required to sign a terms and conditions of use agreement.