Becoming Centered

No Bad Parts

  • [Lesson] Healing and Transformation
  • [Lesson] What the Self is and What the Self Isn’t
  • [Lesson] Spirituality and the Self
  • [Exercise] The Path
  • [Exercise] Accessing the Self through Unblending
  • [Lesson] The Self in Action
  • [Lesson] Becoming Self Led

Parts Work: Tom Holmes (Chapter 7)

  • [Lesson] Distractors and Firefighters
  • [Lesson] Exiles
  • [Lesson] When Distractors Become Firefighters
  • [Lesson] Healing through Parts Work
  • [Lesson] Unburdening
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) Distractor Awareness

Parts Work: Tom Holmes (Chapter 8)

  • [Lesson] Connecting to Inner Guidance
  • [Lesson] Window to Your Soul
  • [Lesson] The Nature of Spiritual Experiences
  • [Lesson] Transfer of Self Energy/Some Cautions about Guides
  • [Lesson] When Guides are not Guides/The Transforming Power of Guides
  • [Lesson] Discussion and Conclusions
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) Finding Your Inner Guide

Self Therapy: Jay Earley (Chapter 5)

  • [Lesson] Chapter 5: Introduction
  • [Meditation] Accessing a Calm Caring Place “Self” Meditation
  • [Lesson] Becoming Centered
  • [Lesson] Unblending from a Protector
  • [Lesson] The Seat of Consciousness
  • [Lesson] Blending
  • [Lesson] Requirements for Getting to Know a Protector
  • [Lesson] P2 Checking for Blending
  • [Lesson] Asking the Part to Separate
  • [Lesson] Other Ways to Unblend
  • [Lesson] Unblending from the Target Part
  • [Lesson] Noticing when You are Blended

Self Therapy Workbook: Bonnie Weiss (Chapter 5)

  • [Lesson] Un-blending & Conscious Blending
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) Blending
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) Unblending from a Target Part
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) Reluctance to Unblend
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) Conscious Blending
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) Daily Parts Check-In

Self Reflection & Working With a Professional

  • [Reflection] Self Reflection Journaling Exercises – Concerns/Comments/Response/Goals
  • [Session] Review of Section (Face to face session processing of homework)