10. Developing Trusting Relationships

Learn practical skills of CBT and DBT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training Course

  • [Lesson] Mindfulness in Wise Mind
  • [Lesson] Mindfulness What Skills
  • [Lesson] Mindfulness How Skills
  • [Lesson] Emotion Regulation
  • [Lesson] Distress Tolerance
  • [Lesson] Radical Acceptance
  • [Lesson] Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • [Lesson] Middle Path
  • [Lesson] Dialectics

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills Training Course

  • [Lesson] Negative core beliefs, expectations and assumptions
  • [Lesson] Negative intrusive and/or automatic thoughts and perceptions
  • [Lesson] Challenging thoughts and emotions
  • [Lesson] Changing the core beliefs
  • [Lesson] Cognitive Distortions

Strengthening Your Conscious Self: Critical Thinking Skills Training Course

  • [Lesson] Cognitive Biases
  • [Lesson] Cognitive Dissonance
  • [Lesson] Logical Fallacies
  • [Lesson] Critical Thinking Skills

Strengthening Your Conscious Self: Life Skills

  • [Lesson] Anger Management
  • [Lesson] Solution Focused Problem Solving
  • [Lesson] Non Violent Conflict Resolution
  • [Lesson] Enhance Trust by internally communicating with your parts
  • [Lesson] Express your appreciation constantly

Self Reflection & Working With a Professional

  • [Reflection] Self Reflection and Journaling Exercises – Concerns/Comments/Response/Goals
  • [Session] Review of Section (Face to face session processing of homework)