19. Transforming a Protective Role

Section 19: Transforming a Protective Role into a Healthy Role

Self Therapy: Jay Earley (Chapter 15)
  • [Lesson] Introduction: Unburdening a Protector
  • [Lesson] Checking with the Protector
  • [Lesson] Releasing the Protective Role
  • [Lesson] A New Role
  • [Lesson] Integrating with the Rest of the System
  • [Lesson] Testing Against the External Situation
  • [Lesson] What Is Required for Behavior Change
  • [Lesson] Healthy Part vs Self
Self Therapy Workbook: Bonnie Weiss (Chapters 18 & 22)
  • [Exercise] 87620 Releasing a Protector
  • [Exercise] 87620 Integration and Un-burdening Protectors
  • [Exercise] Follow-Up with a Protector
  • [Lesson] Working with Polarized Parts
  • [Exercise] Exploring a Polarization
Self Reflection & Working With a Therapist
  • [Reflection] Self Reflection Journaling Exercises – Concerns/Comments/Response/Goals
  • [Session] Review of Section (Therapy session processing of homework)