7. Being Open and Curious

No Bad Parts: Richard Schwartz (Chapter 8)

  • [Lesson] Vision and Purpose
  • [Lesson] Life Changes and Backlash
  • [Lesson] Imminence and Transcendence
  • [Lesson] Servant Leadership and Contagion
  • [Lesson] Flow
  • [Exercise] Fire Drill
  • [Exercise] Sad Person Meditation

Self Therapy: Jay Earley (Chapter 6)

  • [Lesson] Chapter 6 – Being Open and Curious
  • [Lesson] Concerned Parts
  • [Lesson] Step P3 Unblending from a Concerned Part
  • [Lesson] When a Concerned Part won’t Step Aside
  • [Lesson] Other Types of Concerned Parts
  • [Lesson] Exercise: Unblending from a Concerned Part
  • [Lesson] Help Sheet 1: Getting to Know a Protector
  • [Lesson] Exercise: Keeping Track of Your Parts

Self Therapy Workbook: Bonnie Weiss (Chapter 6)

  • [Lesson] 87549 Self Leadership and Concerned Parts
  • [Exercise] Unblending from a Concerned Part
  • [Exercise] Mapping Your Parts

Self Reflection & Working With a Professional

  • [Reflection] Self Reflection and Journaling Exercises – Concerns/Comments/Response/Goals
  • [Session] Review of Section (Face to face session processing of homework)