16. Finding Where It Started

Section 16: Finding Where It Started

Self Therapy: Jay Earley (Chapter 12)

  • [Lesson] Accessing and Witnessing Childhood Memories
  • [Lesson] Metabolizing Childhood Experiences
  • [Lesson] Step 4 Accessing the Childhood Origin
  • [Lesson] Types of Memories
  • [Lesson] Witnessing the Childhood Origin
  • [Lesson] Feeling Understood
  • [Lesson] Benefits of Witnessing
  • [Lesson] Witnessing the Childhood Origins of a Protector

Self Therapy Workbook: Bonnie Weiss (Chapter 14)

  • [Lesson] Accessing and Witnessing Childhood Origins
  • [Exercise] (Quenza) Accessing and Witnessing a Childhood Memory

Self Reflection & Working With a Professional

  • [Reflection] Self Reflection and Journaling Exercises – Concerns/Comments/Response/Goals
  • [Session] Review of Section (Face to face session processing of homework)