20. Supporting the Therapy Process

Section 20: Supporting the Therapy Process

Self Therapy: Jay Earley (Chapter 16)
  • [Lesson] Tips on Working Alone, with a Partner, or with a Therapist
  • [Lesson] Tips on Working with a Partner
  • [Lesson] Responsibility for the Work
  • [Lesson] Stage 1 The Silent Witness
  • [Lesson] Feedback after Sessions
  • [Lesson] Stage 2 Active Listening
  • [Lesson] Corrective Reflections
  • [Lesson] Active Listening Exercise
  • [Lesson] Being in Self as Witness
  • [Lesson] Working with Your Parts
  • [Lesson] Feedback with an Active Witness
  • [Lesson] Stage 3 Full Facilitation
  • [Lesson] Creating a Successful Partnership
  • [Lesson] Tips on Working Alone
  • [Lesson] Tips on Working with a Therapist
Self Reflection & Working With a Therapist
  • [Reflection] Self Reflection Journaling Exercises – Concerns/Comments/Response/Goals
  • [Session] Review of Section (Therapy session processing of homework)