Onboarding & Intake

If you are a therapy client, you may proceed to the learning modules. If you are a coaching client, please read the terms and conditions, complete the intake documents and assessments, and read and sign the coaching agreement. These tasks must be completed within 7 days of registering an account for this website. If they are not, you will be refunded your payment and locked out of the website account. Thank you for understanding the importance of this process.

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Next, start with the daily routine section in the menu below, then move on to explore any of the modules, and feel free to message me with questions, comments, concerns, critiques, and/or suggestions.

Planning a Routine for Health & Wellness

Learning Modules

The Practices

The following routine practices are suggested for your consideration. They are not mandatory, you can choose which ones you would like to implement in your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. My approach is inclusive and holistic. I honor each person’s strengths and values. Each person is free to decide which practices are realistic and achievable given their very real challenges, barriers, and access to resources. Each person has innate capacity, ability, and wisdom. Everyone is at a different stage of change at different times regarding contemplation, willingness, readiness, and openness.

Some of the practices lack scientific evidence to support their objective validity and efficacy, so I want to make clear that I aim to present as many helpful practices and approaches as I can, even if evidence of their effectiveness is subjective, anecdotal or feels like an “appeal to antiquity” logical fallacy. This list includes activities and practices that may fall under the categories of pseudoscience, metaphysics, spirituality, superstition, alternative, holistic, and/or integrative. And there are many which are empirically supported with scientific research and evidence from articles published in top tier scientific and academic journals.

This is just a small sample of the activities you can add to your own plan. Please come back soon to see if any new ideas are added. Once more, I want to emphasize, the activities you choose will be influenced by a number of factors, such as, beliefs and values, biases and perception, other responsibilities like work and family, physical and intellectual ability, physical and emotional safety, financial resources, executive functioning level, and mental capacity. Each suggestion can be implemented any time throughout your day or weekly if necessary. Practice in the morning, day, or evening, any day of the week.



The activities for your wellness action plan are sorted by Life Domains & Categories

This section has a substantial amount of valuable information in it. The information is divided and sorted by life domains in easier to absorb sections. You can navigate to a specific section and life domain by clicking the link. This method may make it easier to navigate for some and more difficult for others. It was influenced by the Americans with Disabilities Act and designed with neurodivergent individuals in mind to provide less stimulating ways of navigating through the information and learning the material.