Internal Family Systems Multimedia


Introduction to IFS: Lucas Forstmeyer

  • [Video] Intro to IFS: Part 1 – Internal Family Systems Therapy Introduction
  • [Video] Intro to IFS: Part 2 – Understanding Parts
  • [Video] Intro to IFS: Part 3 – Protectors – Managers & Firefighters
  • [Video] Intro to IFS: Part 4 – What Are Exiles
  • [Video] Intro to IFS: Part 5 – Burdens and Trauma in IFS
  • [Video] Intro to IFS: Part 6 – The Self is Our Spiritual Core
  • [Video] Intro to IFS: Part 7 – The 8 C’s of Self Energy
  • [Video] Intro to IFS: Part 8 – Self Leadership in IFS

IFS Techniques: Lucas Forstmeyer

  • [Video] Part 1: Goals of IFS Therapy
  • [Video] Part 2: Principles Underlying IFS Therapy
  • [Video] Part 3: 6 F’s (With Case Study)
  • [Video] Part 4: Unburdening Exiles (With Case Study)

IFS Principles: Dr. Jennifer May

  • [Video] Parts of Self
  • [Video] Coping with Your Inner Critic
  • [Video] Moving Past a Victim Identity
  • [Video] Borderline Personality Disorder Parts of Self

Doc Snipes: Counselor Toolbox

  • [Video] Internal Family Systems Theory


Basic Meditation 1: Getting to know a part

Basic Meditation 2: Body Scan

Basic Meditation 3: The Guest House

Basic Meditation 4: Getting to Know Concerned Parts

Basic Meditation 5: Opening Heart Meditation

Basic Mditation 6: Appreciating Protectors

More Self Therapy and IFS Meditations

  • [Meditations] Strengthening Your Conscious Self Library
  • [More Products] Self Therapy Store – Jay Earley and Bonnie Weiss
  • [Video] PESI IFS Course: A Guided Meditation by Frank Anderson, MD
  • [Video] A Guided Meditation “Fire Drill” by Richard Schwartz
  • [Video] A Guided Meditation “Inviting a Part to Speak” by Richard Schwartz
  • [Video] Understanding Our Inner Critic with Esther Perel and Richard Schwartz