Distress Tolerance Skills Training Module

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In each of the sections below, there are lessons, exercises, pdf handouts, pdf worksheets, and video content. Depending on how you learn best, you may decide which material to use first, or use at all. It is best to complete each section in order from top to bottom, and in the following order within each section:

  1. watch the video
  2. read the lesson
  3. complete the exercise
  4. use the pdf handout (view, download, print)
  5. use the pdf worksheet (view, download, print, fill out)

Introduction & Overview Videos

Goals of Distress Tolerance Skills Training

Crisis Survival Skills

Mindfulness of Thoughts & Self Leadership

Problem Solving Skill

STOP in the Moment

Cost Benefit Analysis

TIP Skill: Change Your Chemistry

Distraction with Wise Mind ACCEPTS

Self Soothe

Recognize Emotional Crisis

Radical Acceptance

Thinking About Consequences

IMPROVE the Moment

Turning the Mind

RESISTT Technique

When the Crisis is Addiction

Dialectical Abstinence

Clear Mind (Addict – Clean)

Bridge Burning

Alternate Rebellion Impulse Control

Half Smile and Willing Hands

Soothing Activated Firefighters

Soothing Triggered Exiles

Anchoring with Associations

Grounding Technique

Willingness vs Willfulness

Actions Based on Values

Urge Surfing


Everyday Acceptance