Self Therapy Workbook Ending an IFS Session

Whenever you are ending a session, it’s a good idea to respectfully connect with all the parts you have worked with thus far.

Thank the Target Part for making itself known to you. If you are in the process of working with it, let it know that you will come back to it. Reaffirm any agreements you have made with it during your work. If you have completed your work with it, check in and see how it’s doing.

If you’ve worked with a Protector and it has given you permission to work with an Exile, thank the Protector and see how it feels about the work you’ve done with the Exile.

Thank any Concerned Parts for stepping aside to allow you to do the work. Check with them about whether they’ve seen the work that you did and how it has affected them.

See if any other parts need to say anything before you stop. Acknowledge them and spend some time addressing their concerns.