Pros and Cons of Mindfulness

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In this activity you are going to:

  • make a list of the pros and cons of practicing mindfulness skills.
  • make a list of the pros and cons of not practicing mindfulness skills.
  • check the facts to be sure that you are correct in your assessment of advantages and disadvantages.

Fill this worksheet out when you are:

  • Trying to decide whether to work on becoming more mindful of the moments in your life.
  • Feeling willful; saying no to letting go of emotion mind or extreme reasonable mind.
  • Resisting observing the present moment, rather than escaping it or trying to control it.
  • Resisting giving up your interpretations of others or yourself, rather than just describing.
  • Resisting throwing yourself into the flow of the moment; wanting to stand on the outside.
  • Feeling threatened whenever you think of letting go of judgments.
  • Not in the mood for being effective instead of proving you are right.

When you are filling out this worksheet, think about these questions:

  • Is a mindless life in your best interest (i.e., effective), or not in your best interest (i.e., ineffective)?
  • Will refusing to go into Wise Mind solve a problem, or make a new problem for you?
  • Is observing the moment without reacting to it immediately likely to increase your freedom, or decrease it?
  • Is being attached to your thoughts instead of the facts you can describe useful, or not?
  • Is staying judgmental helping you change the things you want to change, or getting in the way?
  • Is it more important to be effective, or to be right?