Mindfulness of Values

32. Mindfulness of Values

  • [Video] Meaningful Life Hacks: Values + Mindfulness | Todd Schmenk (Wellness Talks)
  • [Video] Developing Patience | Jennifer May, PhD
  • [Video] Mindfulness – Values practice | Newcastle Hospitals
  • [Video] Guided Mindfulness Meditation Connecting with Values | The Zen Social Worker
  • [Video] Living Your Life – Embodying Our Values | Guided Meditation by Soothing Pod

33. Mindfulness of Values

  • [Course Lesson] What are Values?
  • [Course Lesson] Clarifying Personal Values and Priorities
  • [Course Lesson] Aligning Your Intentions, Decisions, and Actions with Your Values
  • [Course Lesson] Setting Mindful Values Based SMART Goals
  • [Course Lesson] Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Introduction)
  • [Course Lesson] The Virtues Project (Introduction to the Module)
  • [Course Lesson] Character Strengths and Virtues (Introduction to the Module and VIA Assessment)

34. Mindfulness of Values

  • [Article] The Role of Values in the Link Between Mindfulness and Well-Being (Mindfulness, 2017)
  • [Article] Mechanisms of Mindfulness (Shapiro et al, 2005; Journal of Clinical Psychology)
  • [Article] Savor Your Values: Finding Strength In Compassion (Steven Hickman, 2020; Mindful)
  • [Article] Choose to Live According to Your True Values (Laura K. Schenck, Ph.D., LPC)
  • [Assignment] Formal Meditation Practice: Body Scan, Sitting, Mountain, Lake, Path, Yoga
  • [Assignment] Informal Practice: Journal Embodied Values Experiences