Mindfulness Course Content


In the following course sessions (lessons and activities), please watch the videos first. For each module there are lessons and articles which are an important part of the program. After you watch the videos, please move on to reading the course lessons and articles and completing the online activities. You can print the handouts to read and print the worksheets to record your progress with applying the skills. Finally, please put the skills into practice and journal about the experience of practically applying your skills in everyday life.

Daily Practices
This part of the course begins your daily Formal Practice. You’ll watch at least one video, complete one lesson, read one article, or engage in one activity in your daily routine, for which you’ll need a quiet, private, and comfortable place to learn and practice.

After each lesson and before the next lesson, I am inviting you to do one or more of the following DBT skills training activities and practices every day:

  • Wise Mind
    • Meditation
    • Mindfulness
  • What Skills:
    • Observe
    • Describe
    • Participate
  • How Skills:
    • non-judgmentally,
    • one-mindfully
    • effectively

The guidance and instruction for the formal practices are available by clicking on the link when you hover over the term in the table above, in the navigation menus, and throughout the content pages.

For the informal practice each week, it is suggested that you bring mindful awareness to some otherwise routine or mundane activity such as driving, walking, shopping, cleaning, washing the dishes, and/or eating a meal. At the end of each day, write an entry in the reflection journal and daily diary card. Take just five minutes or so every day to see if you can recall a daily activity which you brought awareness to that day.

Course Video Content

Huberman Lab Podcast

This content creator freely shares science based information to the general public and relies on sponsors for financial compensation. He shares knowledge, information, data, and research from exciting emerging fields of science. Watching the videos will require a substantial time commitment from you, they are lengthy and comprehensive. You are welcome to skip over this section of the content and move on to the course content listed below. You may opt to come back to Dr. Huberman’s videos anytime.

DBT Peer Connections | Rachel Gill