Internal Family Systems Affirmations

Inner Critic Affirmation

Hello “judgy,” this is ‘Self.’ I understand that you are trying to protect “us” from getting hurt, but “we” are a human being who learns and grows from new situations and experiences. I am truly grateful for your efforts, you are seen and acknowledged. I appreciate the strength you bring, and I hear you. If you don’t mind, I would like to help you. I have the strength of courage to face challenges head on. I have the wisdom and creativity to make decisions even under pressure. I choose to respond to stress calmly and thoughtfully with self sompassion. Instead of beratement and judgment, can you offer some suggestions and solutions, with a little empathy and a lot of encouragement? Will you allow me and some other parts to help you with the tasks you have been doing?

The inner critic probably has the hardest job of any protector, it is usually protecting us from: shame, guilt, ridicule, humiliation, failure, neglect, poverty, feeling less than, abandonment, loneliness, powerlesness, hopelessness, helplessness, overeating, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, illegal drugs, sex, addictive behaviors, dissociating, numbing, avoiding, rationalizing, justifying, and denial. The inner critic also fuels a self-fulfiiling prophecy and perpetual cycle of anxiety, depression, mania and/or hyperactivity.

Affirmations for Manager Protectors

  • Your efforts to maintain control are honorable and acknowledged
  • I appreciate your managerial abilities and the order you provide
  • I understand your intent and motivation, to avoid or prevent harm and chaos
  • It’s okay to feel vulnerable, self is here to help process those feelings
  • Your constant vigilance is recognized and valued.
  • I appreciate your energy and passion, let’s channel them in a more balanced way
  • Your need for immediate action and results is heard and it is okay to pause
  • I understand your desire for perfection and acknowledge that it is okay to be imperfect
  • We can work together to deal with challenges and solve our solvable problems

Affirmations for Firefighter Protectors

  • Your intensity shows your dedication to protect me.
  • I am capable of dealing with difficult situations in a balanced way.