Exercise: Unblending from a Concerned Part

Choose a protector that you don’t like or have concerned feelings about. For example, you might judge it or be angry with it or want to get rid of it. You also might feel distant from it or scared of it. These attitudes come from a concerned part of you. First access the protector (P1), and then unblend from it, if necessary (P2). Then practice unblending from the concerned part (P3), as you have learned to do in this chapter. Then go ahead and get to know the protector at least a little (P4). Even though we haven’t covered this step yet, you probably have some idea about how to do this.

Ask the part some questions to learn about it and its role in your life. Use the Help Sheet page to guide your steps. Refer to the help sheet page after each step to help you know what to do next.

If you are working with a partner, I recommend that you do this exercise with them. Please refer to the lessons about working with a partner for instructions on working with partners. This recommendation applies to each IFS session, lesson and exercise from now on. Most people find the work easier to do with a partner. In addition, when you commit yourself to a session time with your partner, you are more likely to follow through.