Diversity and Inclusivity in Health and Wellness

About Diversity and Inclusivity

This program can be helpful to anyone, if you commit to making yourself a priority. It works best for someone who has capacity, insight, awareness, ability, openness, readiness, willingness, vulnerability, modesty, and honesty. The program is designed so that every person can use the tools that are most appropriate to their unique strengths and challenges.

Please refer to my additional information (videos) about DiClemente and Procheska’s Transtheoretical Stages of Change model of behavior modification. Please refer to my additional information (videos) about individuals who are disabled by neurodivergent challenges like ADHD and how the practices on this website page, with additional effort, can be helpful and effective for them.

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  • [Video] ADHD & How Anyone Can Improve Their Focus | Huberman Lab Podcast #37

Please refer to my additional information about individuals who have very real and substantial technological, social, political, cultural, financial, medical, physical, familial, and relational (illness, disease, barriers, obstacles, issues, and challenges) making it difficult to access self-improvement, counseling, coaching, therapy, psychology, psychiatry, medicines, treatments, education, occupations, and health care.

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