Approach to Coaching


Welcome to our coaching philosophy page, where we delve into the core principles guiding the transformative journey we take with our clients. At the heart of our approach lies a unique blend of positive psychology, motivational interviewing, stages of change theory, Eastern spiritual traditions, and a foundation grounded in science and research. Our method is further enriched by a deep commitment to equity, inclusivity, empathy, and compassion.

Positive Psychology: The Bedrock of Flourishing

Positive psychology, often described as the science of happiness, forms the cornerstone of our coaching approach. Unlike traditional psychology, which often focuses on pathology and deficits, positive psychology emphasizes the cultivation of strengths, resilience, and the potential for growth. We integrate key concepts such as gratitude, optimism, and mindfulness into our coaching to foster a mindset that not only navigates challenges but also thrives in the face of them. This approach is not about ignoring difficulties; rather, it’s about building a more robust, positive framework to deal with life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Motivational Interviewing: Unlocking Personal Change

Motivational interviewing is a client-centered counseling style that enhances motivation for change by helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence. This technique is particularly effective in dealing with changes in health, wellness, and personal growth. Our coaching uses motivational interviewing to support clients in finding their own motivation for change, thereby increasing the likelihood of long-lasting transformation. It’s a respectful and encouraging process, aligning closely with our ethos of empathy and understanding.

Stages of Change Theory: Navigating the Path of Transformation

The Stages of Change Theory, or the Transtheoretical Model, provides a framework for understanding how individuals move through different stages of change: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. This model is instrumental in tailoring our coaching strategies to meet clients exactly where they are in their change process. Recognizing that change is not linear but a dynamic journey, we adapt our approach to each stage, ensuring that our support is as effective and relevant as possible.

Equity, Inclusivity, Empathy, and Compassion: The Heart of Our Practice

At the core of our coaching is a profound commitment to equity and inclusivity. We recognize and honor the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of all our clients. This commitment translates into a practice that is culturally sensitive, accessible, and affirming to individuals from all walks of life. Empathy and compassion are not just ideals but active practices that shape every interaction with our clients. By creating a safe, non-judgmental space, we foster deep connections and genuine understanding, crucial for effective coaching and personal growth.

Eastern Spiritual Traditions: A Holistic Perspective

Eastern spiritual traditions, including practices like mindfulness, meditation, and the philosophy of interconnectedness, significantly influence our coaching approach. These practices encourage a holistic view of wellbeing, integrating mind, body, and spirit. This perspective aligns seamlessly with our focus on positive psychology and stages of change, offering clients a comprehensive toolkit for personal and spiritual growth. The influence of Eastern traditions brings a depth and richness to our practice, helping clients cultivate inner peace, balance, and a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.

Science and Research: The Foundation of Our Approach

Our commitment to science and research ensures that our coaching strategies are not only effective but also empirically sound. We continually integrate the latest findings in psychology, neuroscience, and health sciences to keep our approach up-to-date and effective. This scientific grounding ensures that our clients receive the most relevant, research-backed strategies to support their growth and wellbeing.


Our approach to coaching is a synergistic blend of established theories, personal compassion, and a deep respect for the individual journey of each client. We believe in empowering our clients through a holistic, scientifically informed, and heart-centered approach. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of personal transformation that encompasses your entire being – mind, body, and spirit – we invite you to join us.

This approach to coaching reflects an integration of diverse, effective strategies and philosophies designed to facilitate meaningful and lasting change. By combining these elements, our approach aims to empower clients in their personal and professional lives, fostering a journey of growth, self-discovery, and fulfillment.